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Check out my newest book, ONE, TWO, GRANDMA LOVE YOU (Abrams Appleseed, August 2021). Available for preorder now.

I am the author of children's picture books, including Sterling’s EVEN SUPERHEROES MAKE MISTAKES, EVEN SUPERHEROES HAVE BAD DAYS (a 2018 Blue Spruce Award Nominee), which KIRKUS called “an action-packed romp,” and MINE! MINE! MINE!, which has been included in many “top 5” and “top 10” lists of books to teach the concept of “sharing” over the years. In addition, I am the author of more than 15 children’s novelty books.

I have four SUPER children and three SUPER grandchildren. Although I do not not have a cape or laser-vision, I know how it feels to have a bad day and try to use my inner super-powers to react in a positive way. I hope my books will encourage readers of all ages to do the same.

I live in Toronto, Canada.